Pink and Black Wobbly Head Santa Hanging Decoration with long straight dangly legs, wearing black boots, a scarf and pink Santa hat and decorated with black snowflakes

Pink and Black Wobbly Tin Santa Decoration

We are really sorry, this product is no longer available but Santa's elves will start making more ready for next Christmas.

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Product Description

This adorable pink wobbling Santa is full of life and charm, perfect for adding some festive fun to your Christmas decorations this year.

With this Santa’s head attached to his body by a little spring and long dangly legs, he never stops gently wobbling and bobbing around as he hangs and will always put a smile on your face as you walk past.

Made from hand painted tin and complete with a little pink hat and scarf, black snowflake decoration and black boots, this Santa is full of modern festive character!

Our Santa decoration comes with an attached string for easy hanging on your Christmas tree or around the home.