Magical Christmal Toadstool Home Hanging decoration in red and white. with little doors and windows and hung from a red ribbon.

Magical Toadstool HousesHanging Decoration

We are really sorry, this product is no longer available but Santa's elves will start making more ready for next Christmas.

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Product Description

Bring the woodland magic inside this Christmas with this enchanting toadstool home hanging decoration. This super cute and magical little house is a festive decoration you will treasure forever.

These sparkly mushroom ornaments are made from hollow sculptured resin with a beautiful miniature-painted detailing including a traditional toadstool look of the red roof with white polka dots, little windows, chimney and green doors for the perfect fairy fantasy home. For a little extra magic, these toadstools have a beautiful sprinkling of glitter across them making them twinkle on your Christmas Tree

Each of our magical toadstool homes comes with beautiful red ribbon, making them easy to hang on the tree and around the home, or they stand very happily on a shelf or flat surface!.