4 Circular Animal head plaque hanging decorations of an owl, a doe, a raccoon and an artic fox, each surrounded by a circular white branch and on a dark blue background.

Forest Animal Head Plaque Decorations

We are really sorry, this product is no longer available but Santa's elves will start making more ready for next Christmas.

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Product Description

Bring the magic of the woodland inside your home this Christmas with these delightful round animal head hanging decorations - a great addition to any tree or decor and one that you will cherish for many Christmases to come!

These delightful sparkly trophy heads are sculpted from resin, with a choice of four different animals - the wise owl, adorable racoon, cute doe and arctic fox, each beautifully painted in muted greys and white on a blue background and with white branch framing plus little green foliage detailing on each.

Pick your favourite to give a lovely home this festive season or why not make someone’s Christmas by gifting one of these adorable characters.

Each of our animal plaques comes with beautiful silver string making them easy to hang around the home and on the tree.