Trio of festive woodland animal Santa's helpers including stag, fox and squirrel hanging resin Christmas decorations

Festive Woodland Animal Elfs Set of 3

We are really sorry, this product is no longer available but Santa's elves will start making more ready for next Christmas.

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Product Description

Have you ever seen a merrier band of elves than this beautiful set of 3 woodland animals ready to help Santa out this festive season?

Each woodland creature is finely moulded from resin and hand-painted in Christmas greens and reds to a level of detail and quality finish that makes these three characters stand out from the rest!

With individual headpieces, personalised dress styles and wonderfully crafted leather boots, these deer, squirrel and fox decorations will look fantastic hanging on your tree or for crafting a beautiful woodland scene in your home.

Each decoration comes with a quality soft ribbon attached for easy hanging on the tree or around the house!