Two dangly leg deers one in tartan trousers and the other in red, white stripe

Ceramic Shelf Sitting Dangly Leg Reindeer

We are really sorry, this product is no longer available but Santa's elves will start making more ready for next Christmas.

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Product Description

This wonderfully detailed reindeer dressed in full Santa costume looks great sitting with his legs dangling off the side of a shelf or sideboard.

Each of our dangling-leg reindeer is made from ceramic, hand-painted in festive attire, and finished with a smooth glaze finish. He has two dangly knitted fabric legs with cute weighted shoes so they hang beautifully.

These quirky little shelf sitters come in two different styles, one with red and white candy cane style legs and another with sparky green tartan legs. These reindeer look great on their own and even better in pairs.